Statement Number 3 for uploading and shows an error  "Password Protected" . ."The cell or chart that you are trying to change is protected and therefore read only "Please download the modified file and easily create the json file . This Excel file is unprotected for editing . The issues have been now resolved..
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GST Eway bill Compile error in Hidden module sheet 3 and date format error solved

GST Eway bill Compile error in Hidden module sheet 3 and date format error solved
Eway bill is a mandatory document for transporting goods, for which value consignment exceeds Rs. 50,000. It is now mandatory for both interstate and intrastate transaction.  Generating an E way bill is only possible through the website - Tax payers have to login to the system and enter all the date required for E-way bill including Consignor or Consignee name , GSTIN, document or invoice number, date of invoice, commodity , quantity, HSN , rate of tax, taxable value, vehicle number or transporter id, approximate distance etc . After completing the data entry only eway bill will be generated. E-way Bill Bulk Tools
Bulk tools are used for generating eway bills offline. These tools include three parts Atrributes, Sample Json Files, Json preparation Tools.
Attributes and Sample Json Files
Attributes and Sample JSON files have only use in developing software a…
WHAT IS AN E-WAY BILL UNDER GST An E-WAY bill is a mandatory transport document for the transportation of Goods under  GST regime. It will be a compulsory document for both Interstate and Intrastate transport for consignments with VALUE EXCEEDS FIFTY THOUSAND RUPEES.  The provisions for E-Way bill contained Section 68 of both CGST and SGST Act., and Rule 138 of the  CGST and SGST Rules. Also as per Rule 138 (7) of CGST Rules if the value of Goods exceeds Rs. 50,000 in a CONVEYANCE , if the consignor or consignee has not taken E-Way Bill, the TRANSPORTER  is liable to generate the E-Way Bill from the details / documents available with the goods assigned with the transporter. However around 154 commodities are exempted from taking e-way bill, even if the value exceeds Rs.50,000/ The mandatory provision come into force for INTER STATE MOVEMENTS under IGST Act w.e.f. 01-02-2018 (February 1st 2018) The  mand…

Are you searching for a solution that your GST Offline Tool provided by the GST portal owned by GSTN is not working?

Are you searching for a solution that your GST Offline Tool provided by the GST portal owned by GSTN is not working? Here some simple step to resolve the issue. First download the utility from the following address Then unzip the folder by any unzipping softwares like Winzip, Winrar etc. Extract the folder . This folder contain following items 1. Gst Offline Tool - exe file 2. GSTR-1 Excel Workbook Template 3. Invoice upload Offline Tool user Manual -Pdf Help file 4. Read Me Text file 5. Section wise CSV File System Requirement To use the tool efficiently, ensure that you have the following installed on your system: 1.Operating system  Windows 7 & above 2.Browser: You need one of these browsers installed on your system. oInternet Explorer 10+ oGoogle Chrome 49+ oFirefox 45+ oSafari 6+ 3.Microsoft Excel 2007 & above 4.

Digital Signature Certificate GST error and emsignor error Failed to establish connection to the server error solved

I am Commercial Tax Inspector in Kerala.  Lot of tax payers, dealers, chartered accountants, practitioners of VAT, Central Excise are complaining of Digital signature Certificate issue related Goods and Services Tax. They could not register DSC token in GSTN website The most common error message is as follows Failed to establish connection to the server  any one of the port should be free 1645 8080 1812 2083 2948 To solve the issue ,I have succeeded after various steps by this method. Please read carefully the following steps 1. I have first uninstalled all DSC token softwares from my PC.... like Trustkey, ePass, WD Proxkey etc by going to Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features >Uninstall Program. 2. Secondly I have uninstalled emSignor software. 3 Then Updated 'Chrome' Browser with latest version from their website 4. Updated Java of the computer from the below link Then Go to Chr…

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